The Benefits of a Boat Lift

Looking to build the dock of your dreams with Secured Dock Builders? In the planning of your unique construction it’s worth considering a boat lift for a number of reasons! Here are just a few of the most critical. 

1. Prevention Against Scuffs and Damage.

The fact of the matter is rough waters can harshly affect your dock in a number of ways. It seems like a cheap alternative to just tie your boat to your dock. However, the issue with this are the many dangers it opens your boat to which include rough waters and tide changes. Both of which can not only cause cosmetic damage like scrapes and scuffs but it can also lead to serious damage from your boat being knocked around in your dock. Although, if you have a boat lift you’re able to avoid all of these issues. 

2. Protection From Corrosion and Algae

If you’re a new boat owner you may not be aware that when leaving your boat in the water for long periods of time can cause corrosion and algae buildup on the underside of your hull. In fact, depending on the body of water, it can even lead to the build up of barnacles, zebra mussels or other unwanted aquatic life clinging down there as well. All of which—can lead to serious and extensive maintenance or repairs. But, if you have a boat lift, you can avoid these potential dangers entirely. 

3. Securing Your Boat

It may sound simple but it is worth noting that a boat lift can keep your boat from sinking or floating away. Of course, only if you’re using the lift correctly. When you purchase a boat lift you are buying the peace of mind that even if you leave your boat unattended for long periods of time it is safely suspended in the air away from the dangers that can come from the water. 

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