The 5 Best Accessories for Your Boat

You’ve already upgraded your experience on the water by purchasing a new dock from Secured Dock Builders. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enhance your maritime even more–especially if you have a boat! Here are five gadgets that can take your boat to the next level!

1. Boat Erasers

Have you gotten scuffs or scratches along the bottom of your boat after bumping into the dock a few too many times? Boat scuff erasers can help restore the bottom of your boat to looking shiny and new. Fair warning: It requires a little bit of elbow grease.

2. Aqua Socks

Have you ever been tasked with dragging your jetski or boat through the muddy bottom of a creek or inlet? You can protect your feet from this uncomfortable feeling with aqua socks, which will also protect you from rocks and other hard objects in the water.

3. Pontoon Grill

There’s nothing better than a day out on the boat at sea. But have you ever gotten out in the middle of the water and had a craving for a hotdog or a burger? A pontoon grill hooks onto the railing of your boat and lets you cook up a small feast!

4. Boat Hook

Want to start pulling your boat into the dock without having to hop out to guide it in? An effective boat hook will include a telescoping feature to become longer when you need extra length to reach the dock. It should also float if you accidentally drop it in the water, making for easier recovery. 

5. Marine Boat Lights

Bring the night to life aboard your boat with Marine Boat Lights! Not only do they offer a luxurious style to your boat but these lights can also aid you in moving around your boat whether on your steps, inside consoles or other dark spots. These lights are available in wireless and wired versions.

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