5 Essential Tips for Boating in the Winter

If you recently had a dock constructed by Secured Dock Builders you’re probably looking forward to the many seasons to come on the water in the Central Florida area. However, as exciting as it is to think about all the exciting aquatic adventures to come it’s also important to be prepared for the elements that come with the change of season on the water–especially in the winter. Here are 5 essential tips any new dock and boat owner should consider when boating in the winter.

  1. Keep Your Battery Charged

When the temperature drops, all types of batteries have a harder time operating. A faulty battery is the last thing you need when you’re out on the water, so it’s best to leave your battery alone when you’re not using it. You can also top off the charge of your battery through these following tricks:

  • Take it home: After a day on the water, disconnect your battery and take it to your home charger.
  • Buy a trickle charger: Trickle chargers supply a constant charge to batteries, whether they’re fully charged or not. If you’re just boating on weekends, the trickle charger won’t allow any ebb in your battery’s charge.
  • Install a solar panel: Much like a trickle charger, a solar panel will use sunlight to top up any charge deficit in your battery.

2. DE-ICE Your Dock

Cold weather brings ice to your dock’s deck, which can be potentially hazardous if left untreated. Water and a firm scrubbing brush should do the trick. Although, we also recommend adding a safety railing system of some kind to your dock. Additionally, it may also be worth looking into some easy-to-maintain nonslip surfaces for your Dock.

3. Change Your Oil

Prior to the change of season you may want to consider draining your oil and replacing it with a winter-friendly solution. Specifically, a formula intended for colder weather, which can help ensure your engine’s parts remain properly lubricated despite the drop in temperature.

4. Check Portholes, Drains, and Seacocks

In addition to changing your oil prior to the change of season it is also critical to perform periodic inspections. Ensure all the plugs are in place and repair or replace any damaged seals. Remember, any water that comes into your boat can freeze and expand, damaging your boat’s integrity and creating slippery surfaces that could lead to injury.

5. Inspect Your Boat for Leaks

Boats can get small leaks from time to time. But it is crucial to remember that water expands as it freezes and if water gets into a tiny leak in your boat and freezes it could cause more severe damage than you might realize.

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